A powerful, multidisciplinary organization

Andus Group's foundations were laid in 1997, on Tom van Rijn’s takeover of BNG Staalconstructie from the B&G Group. This resulted in the creation of the RijnDijk Staalgroep, now Andus Group.

The creation of a group

In 2000, Andus Group took over the former Dutch Railways (NS) P&K Utrecht Division from Volker Stevin. This was rapidly followed by several further takeovers Van der Cammen, and Wijnker Van Lint Staalbouwers in Schagen. With the takeover of Wijnker Van Lint Staalbouwers, the Andus Group acquired its first branch outside the Netherlands, a production location in Slovakia.

A complete range of specializations

These takeovers were followed by the takeover of HSM, a renowned contractor active in the construction of modules and platforms for the offshore market, and FIB Industries, specialized in the construction of stainless steel process equipment and industrial beer equipment. This resulted in  Andus Group’s development into a wide group of companies that all serve industry in the top segment of their specific markets.

Andus Group acquired Gouda Vuurvast N.V. in 2008. The company was delisted from the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange and divided into three new companies, Gouda Refractories, Gouda Vuurvast Services and Gouda Vuurvast Belgium .

Continued growth

In May 2012, Andus Group acquired Royal Van Voorden, in Zaltbommel, a foundry with a rich history of manufacturing products including pump casings and impellers for the dredging industry and propellers and nozzles for the shipping industry.

In December 2012, Andus Group acquired HVL Armada Outdoor. The company was subsequently divided into Armada Mobility, specialized in traveller facilities including shelters, information columns, signposting and cycle parking facilities, and Armada Janse, specialized in illuminated advertising signs and corporate identity signs.

This takeover is also a perfect fit with Andus Group’s strategy of achieving steady growth by spreading its activities, sectors and geographical locations.