Welcome to Andus Group

Andus Group is an international operating holding company of independent subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and Slovakia. The Group’s operating companies are divided into three divisions; Gouda Refractories Group, HSM Offshore Energy en Specialties.


Andus Group, with its more than 100 years’ experience, has a leading position in the global industry. The Group serves as a strong, reliable partner for its clients and operates in accordance with the most stringent safety and quality standards.


The organization has a workforce of about 570 employees. In addition to organic growth, Andus Group also seeks to achieve growth via acquisitions. The Group is financially very sound and is active in the top segment of the market, a position it owes to its ability to offer the strength and the problem-solving capacity today's clients need. This is also what we refer to in our mission, Serving the industry.