New Board and reorganisation of divisional structure

On 1 September 2018, Tom van Rijn will step down as chairman of Andus Group and take a seat on the Supervisory Board. He will be succeeding Paul Medendorp. The Supervisory Board will then consist of Gerdi Verbeet, Nico de Vries and Tom van Rijn.


Familiar faces

From 1 September 2018, the new Andus Group Board of Directors will consist of Wiebe van den Elshout, Jaco Lemmerzaal and Marcus Schuchmann. Wiebe van den Elshout will hold the position of Chairman of the Board. Kris Rooijakkers remains Secretary to the Board. Together, these directors have more than 60 years of experience within Andus Group, which is a good guarantee for stability, as well as the preservation of the atmosphere, solidarity and ideas within Andus Group.


New divisions

In the run-up to the transfer, the new Board of Directors worked with Tom van Rijn and reconsidered the course and strategy of Andus Group. In broad terms, the successful vision already in place will not change. However, attention will be paid to increasing focus and specialisation. In order to give substance to this, the divisional structure will be reorganised.


A Refractories division will be introduced for all those companies that are engaged in “refractory materials”. The second division will consist of those companies that, in the broadest sense of the word, focus on “Steel Structures”. The third division, “Specialties” will be made up of the other Andus operating companies that have proven their strength in specific market segments. Over time, further investigation will be carried out to see whether the companies in this division can grow into a new division with growth potential.


Distribution and specialisation

Although “focus and specialisation” predominate in the new structure, spreading out into markets, countries and customers is to be maintained. Cooperation and synergy will be further developed, and the growth strategy continued. In addition to their positions on the Andus Group Board of Directors, Marcus, Jaco and Wiebe will also be responsible for the Refractories division, the Steel Structures division and the Specialties division respectively. Marcus Schuchmann and Jaco Lemmerzaal will remain director of Gouda Refractories and HSM.